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Sunday, September 19, 2010

GMO Salmon Coming to a Table Near You

9/23 - Genetically altered salmon? It doesn't stop there

UPDATE: 19 September -

New Scientist: Transgenic fish swimming towards a plate near you

FDA advisors to vote (20 Sept)on genetically engineered salmon

It grows faster, eats less and has sparked intense debate about modifying animals for our food supply.

By Andrew Zajac, Tribune Washington Bureau - September 18, 2010

In a step that may move genetically engineered meat and fish closer to the American dinner table, an FDA advisory committee will vote Monday on whether to approve preliminary findings that a modified salmon is as safe as an ordinary salmon.

The vote is not binding on the FDA, but approval would lend powerful support for a final decision by the agency charged with protecting the nation's food and drug supplies. The fish, a North Atlantic salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies Inc. would be the country's first genetically engineered food animal.

It grows to market size in half the time of other salmon and consumes 25 percent less feed in the process, according to the company, which is based in Waltham, Mass.
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Discerning the Difference: Organic vs. Natural

UPDATE: 1 September
September is Salmon Month
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Fishing the Lummi Way

26 June, 2010: As a new type of farmed salmon is contemplated, this article raises a series of consumer concerns that may not be adequately addressed by the FDA and other agencies.

One overlooked issue in this article is the exclusion of known facts about health effects of farmed salmon, especially the elevation of cholesterol and risk of heavy metal and PCP exposure.

Farmed Salmon Information

The Food and Drug Administration is seriously considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal rate.
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Why Files

EWG information on carcinogenic PCBs in salmon


Anonymous said...

I've been searching in the stores for fresh wild caught salmon for some time and have not found any. The closest I came was Organic farm raised, whatever that means. I hope with every fiber of my being this GMO salmon is not passed by the FDA. I can't believe my health and the health of others is worth less than some person's quest for glory and a blurb in the history books.

Unknown said...

"Organic farm raised" means that the fish are raised in pens (the farm) and fed organic feed.