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Friday, September 11, 2009

State of Affairs

Glenn A. Warner, MD was a highly regarded physician in the Seattle area that was well known for his commitment to his patients, their health and healing. He was responsible for many people with cancer overcoming the disease. He was a forerunner in the effective use of nutrition and supplements to fight and cure cancer, combined with other sound medical practice.

The sad part of Dr. Warner's career was the abusive and unfounded attack on him and his practice by the Draconian Washington State Department of Health. Dr. Warner ended his highly respected career because of the abuses of this agency (Learn more).

Last evening Larry King interviewed Andrew Weil, MD and it was a good program. Weil stated many of the things I have stated about the disease management system that we have in the US, passed off as "health care".

Recently, in the Pacific NW, a group of doctors who seem to clearly have the same understanding have formed a group called "Mad as Hell Doctors". They are on a trip to D.C. to make their concerns known.
"The MAHD team doesn't want any reform that doesn't offer up comprehensive results and a single payer system to the American people. This is not a political campaign as much as it is a campaign for truth in this debate.
And the truth is that what is offered in the present bills and what the President says he wants are inefficient ways of solving the health care crisis. We resist any reform that seeks to protect the private for profit business of health insurance and denies EVERYONE access to quality health care through a publicly funded privately provided system.
It is all about being fiscally conservative.
No new money needs to go into the system. We must just redirect the money now from the premiums and deductibles that fatten investors stock options and fund campaigns of our elected leaders."

So far Obama and people in Congress have come up with nothing that brings about the(real)change that is needed. The current proposals are to continue the same system controlled by Big PhARMA and Big Insurance.

It is time that we say NO to corporate control of what once was a great country that was the top of the heap in health care delivery, now at an all time low - 37th - along with excessive cost and limited benefit because of greed and profit driven motives.

Just recall that the Harvard School of Public Health found that only 20% or what is delivered in the health industry is effective. The other 80% is totally unproven and ineffective.

Make sure you know what you are asking for because you just might get it.

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