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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Food Facts and Risks

Today we are faced every day with real fake food(s). Advertising is so extreme that you don't have much of a chance to escape the blitz. And we are paying a very high price for corporate control of the food chain.

This trend goes from cradle to grave an no one is calling out to stop the madness. At the same time the illutrious USDA and FDA are now allowing you to eat cloned meat, milk and probably other foods not included in the media fray to senstize you to it being ok for health.

Well we just don't really know do we? No labels on your food identifying cloned ingredients...

And how much $$$ has crossed palms in DC from Big Agra for this one?

You have the next month or so to contact the FDA and tell them NO to cloned food, NO GMO food and NO Big Agra over-processed and over-refined health destroying 'foods'.

Check out the organic consumers organization on line too.

Overweight toddlers are at risk of growing up to be overweight, with the attendant constellation of health woes, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

It is a health crisis, specialists say, fueled by eating too much calorie-laden processed food and drinking too many sweetened beverages while also spending more hours plopped in front of television and computer screens than earlier generations.

Toddler weight problems are also a legacy of the obesity epidemic among adults: Overweight mothers tend to give birth to bigger babies who are exposed to insulin imbalances while in the womb that can predispose them to obesity.

"The whole country is struggling with this," said Virginia Chomitz , senior scientist at the Institute for Community Health at the Cambridge Health Alliance. "There's a lot of factors in our environment and our lifestyle that are pushing us toward being fatter. It's an uphill battle to push against that tide."

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