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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Don't Know About You, but...

I am not so sure about the "school of what's happnin' now" other than it's a really crazy atmosphere these days.

I grew up in the 1960s and I think it was a truly great time! I think a lot of what we fought for then are things we need to fight for now, especially PEACE.

Things happen everyday that absolutely amaze me. I cannot believe that people are doing the things they are doing, and that their follys are "newsworthy".

What really prompted my thinking on this was the 9-11 memorial fundraising effort. Here we are with thousands of people who are sick and ailing because they survived or they were involved in the clean-up effort. Little is being done to address this major health problem, yet building a memorial takes the top spot.

I have some natural approaches I think will help but as you know, being outside mainstream medicine doesn't put your ideas in the spotlight.

So if you know any NYPD or NYFD folks, medical providers, survivors or others who suffered in this terrible tragedy, please pass the word. I'll be happy to try and give what help I can.

I'll be back to add to this, but for now, I'll call on the well worn words of Baba Ram Dass, "Well, here we are."

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