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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Study links statins to higher diabetes again

For years, more than a dozen at least, I have been covering the statin drug issue. My focus has been to educate people about the serious risks of this drug class and to help them realize that what they are being told is not always correct.

Now, again, we have a new report on the fact that statins can raise your risk of getting diabetes.

In light of all the serious risks from this drug class perhaps you might wish to consider natural care approaches to the cholesterol conundrum.

An increased risk of diabetes among statin users was first seen in 2008, in a randomized controlled trial of the drug Crestor, says Vivian Fonseca, the American Diabetes' Association's president for medicine and science. A 2011 analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association and a 2010 analysis in The Lancet also found an increased risk of diabetes among statin users.Complete article
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In a related Atlantic article the writer says: "Long prescribed to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood, high doses of statins might even end plaque build-up, according to researchers."  

Why would you want the risk and expense of a drug when natural health approaches will do the job for you.  Remember that arteriosclerosis did not appear on the scene until the beginning of the use of homogenization of milk in the 1950s.

Selections from Natural Health News

Nov 11, 2011
In the past, statins have said to help prevent pneumonia (infection in the lung) on the basis of epidemiological studies. However, it is generally the case that frail, elderly individuals, with perhaps complicated health histories ...
Sep 30, 2011
If you want to balance out your cholesterol, first check your thyroid, then evaluate triglycerides that are the real danger to your health, and get nutritional and lifestyle support. Health Forensics can help. Posted by herbalYODA ...
Mar 28, 2011
Now more studies shoe increased risk of diabetes among other health problems from statins. And the cookie cutter medicine machine wants YOU to take this drug if you have diabetes. Its doing the same as aspartame. ...
Nov 21, 2010
Again: Statins Not Effective. Statin drugs may be over-prescribed. So tell me what is new! Not only are they over-prescribed, they have heart-risky side effects and many more problems like kidney failure secondary to ...


Radek said...

Really use of statin drug can raise the risk of getting diabetes?. As I am a physician this article helps me & increase my knowledge.

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statin drugs said...

"Why would you want the risk and expense of a drug when natural health approaches will do the job for you." I'm on your side. But, these "Big Pharma's" said that exercise and healthy diet alone won't work. I know they just said it because they will lose lots of money.