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Friday, February 25, 2011

Diabetes Diary

ProvHerbials in Seattle is supporting The Walk with sales of their natural products.  Learn More Here

In support of The Longest Walk III to Reverse Diabetes, especially for our Indian communities and people, Creating Health Institute has developed The Diabetes Diary.

Daily posts now published as a book - The Diabetes Diary

Learn more about The Longest Walk III here - here - here - and here.

As The Walkers come through your area, please welcome them and support their effort.

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Northern Route

Southern Route


Jazzie Casas said...

Most of my family are diabetic and I feel likely to be one.. How could I avoid not passing this hereditary thing to my kids?

Unknown said...

Start with a change in the way you eat, remove toxic home and garden products from your home, exercise, avoid vaccines and toxic pharmaceuticals to start. Educate your self.
Search Natural Health News for diabetes related posts, see for the Diabetic health pages, follow the posts on our FB page, CHI-Creating Health Institute, now through July.