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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Limits on Supplements

I found it interesting that another blog just recently reported on the issue of imposed limits to be placed on supplements.  It is interesting to me because as a long time health freedom educator I have been engaged in this issue for most of my career, as well as intensely during the past two decades.

There are two international groups that spearheaded this fight to stop the CODEX effort through food directives in the EU, also WHO, and USDA, etc.  In the USDA effort it was widely known that panel members were industry supported.

One group is International Advocates for Health Freedom, NHF, and the UK based Alliance for Natural Health.

In the arena of health freedom, natural health advocacy, and related areas, please rely on the real and accurate sources that have historically been involved.  Shy from those who try to make panic-ridden headlines as if they are the first to report.

Know your sources!

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