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Saturday, January 12, 2008

WIFI / WIMAX info resource

Yes, WIFI is a serious health risk too, but you just aren't listening...

Council on Wireless Technology Impacts
- citizens and professionals concerned about safe uses of Electromagnetic Radiation
Write to Hillary Clinton to warn her of the dangers of going down the wireless electricity route

The USA needs help. If anyone can write to Hillary Clinton to warn her of the dangers of going down the wireless electricity route

She needs to be told this has never been tested for safety and to ask independent scientists what they think!

Why does it affect us?

Because whatever the USA does will come soon to our shores!


In the world of Real Politick we are facing a(nother) dire situation. Should Hillary Clinton clinch the Democratic nomination, we would be facing a policy proposal of a nation-wide "smart" grid bringing wireless WiFi and/or WiMAX to all places, affecting everyone. I enclose information. You might also check out the Dec/Jan issue of The Ecologist, as well as info via

I urge you to write to Clinton now.

She needs an education fast. Tell her about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Tell her about the loss of democracy involved with such a plan. Tell her about your EMR-related medical problems. Tell her about all the people in the world who are protesting towers and phones and WiFi systems (Cyprus, Israel, Ireland, England, Spain, San Francisco, Chimayo, etc.). Remind her of other technologies that were proven dangerous too late -- like asbestos, DDT, Dalko n Shield, nuclear power, etc. Tell her what you think and feel.

And please spread the word. We aim to blanket campaign headquarters. This is a chance to do some important education, as well as to bring a different perspective to a policy proposal.

The campaign headquarter address is:

Hillary Clinton
4420 N. Fairfax Dr.
Arlington VA 22203

Thank you -- and best to us all in 2008,
Chellis Glendinning

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