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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Diet Don't - new year weight loss craze

Everywhere folks are vowing to go on a diet...and this means that ads, ads, and more ads, will promote sugar free products in food plans such as "nutrisystem", "south beach diet" and other products that are artificially sweetened.

In an enormous University of California study researchers has concluded that dieting is not only a waste of time -- it's probably going to make you fatter!

These researchers analyzed over 30 prior studies on hundreds of diets and concluded:
  • Not only do nearly two-thirds of "dieters" end up heavier...
  • The average female dieter regains as much as 55% more weight than she initially lost...
  • And for the bulk of us (no pun intended), dieting raises your likelihood of heart attack and stroke!
Others have shown us that artificial sweeteners in artificial foods contribute to increasing weight and health perils.

Simply, basic chemistry tells us the following, which just might make you consider leaving these products totally out of your environment, regardless of all the advertising hype -

Hydrocarbons -

A simple way to assess the risk of ingesting sucralose (marketed as SPLENDA) is based on some thing I read recently on the history of the development of toxic, synthetic products used in agriculture and how they impact food and all the currently highly hyped fake foods.

All these synthetic chemicals do have a negative impact on your health.

SO here is something else to consider -

Hydrocarbons are made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms, but deficient in hydrogen by electrical structure.

Aliphatic compounds are those that are common in the form of fats, oils and petroleum.

Benzene was isolated from oil, gas and coal tar (look for benzene compounds- or coal tar based hydrocarbons- in synthetic pharmaceuticals).

One carbon atom with four hydrogen atoms is methane. Changes to this basic construct led to the development of aromatic hydrocarbons, named because these compounds have an odor. This change led to the development of poisonous compounds.

Because the placental wall cannot stop DDT and chlorinated hydrocarbons these compounds will build up in fatty tissue and ultimately overwhelm the body.

The next step in the process is breakage of amino acid chains (proteins and enzymes) leading to mutation.

The chromosomes now become offended because there is no safe level or tolerance level for synthetic hydrocarbon poisons.

Science says that the aberrations will show up over 20 -30 generations.
You be the judge. Consider the price you want to pay for your health, and learn to read labels.

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