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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Salt: The Health Promoting Kind

Salt has been controversial for decades and it seems the same arguments keeping recycling through the news and little change happens. What is correct about high blood pressure and salt is directly related to its use in more and more processed food, fast food eating and restaurant use. Heavy handed salt shaking on food adds to the mix.

What you aren't hearing in the news -

Its the processed salt you purchase at the store and used in processed and restaurant food that is the problem.

When box salt is manufactured it is heated up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit to drive off the impurities. Along with the impurities go all the health promoting minerals found in nautral salt.

Secondly, the food industry is marching along the lines of adding a salt flavoring to food and it won't have to be listed as an ingredient. Senomyx is the manufacturer.

Humans and animals require salt (sodium and a little chloride) for health. Even as little as a lick of really natural salt can lower blood pressure (or two celery stalks a day) and help your heart. Dr. Laragh is well known for his research in this area. (more in our book, Blood Pressure Care Naturally)

I am not referring to "sea salt" as now even this health food stroe staple can be found with added maltrodextrin to increase flow and prevent caking.

Salt in the natural form is what I refer to and you really do need a little each day for the best of health.

We can provide really natural salt for your health should you wish to purchase some. This is the same kind I knew as a child when we had crystal salt cellars on the table with tiny sterling serving spoons...

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