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Sunday, January 21, 2007


When, in 1980, Susan G. Komen died, it was already eight years after we were told there would be a cure for breast cancer.

Now in 2007 the statistics really aren't all that much better, and the Race for the Cure is just that, a race.

There is no cure, although there really is a cure.

The problem is that mainstream medicine and Big Pharma doesn't really want you to know. I wonder if the 200 employees at Komen Foundation want you to know either.

Gee, aren't they proud of their statistics that at least 74 percent of women over 40 get mammograms annually.

Ever hear, as you would in the Women's Health programs I've been teaching for many years more than a decade, that mammograms are a major cause of cancer?

And did you know that you don't have to lose your hair from chemo or that it is about 2% effective; that tamoxifen raises your risk of the more deadly ovarian cancer or that radiation causes thyroid dysfunction and heart failure.

Not from the Komen Foundation that's for sure.

General Mills won't support Creating Health Institute's Women's Health programs (especially those we provide to people with limited income) through the pink lids program. Komen never responds when we submit a proposal.

We've got much more to tell you. We could do this and a lot more with a small fraction of a billion.

PS - did you know that soy is a promoter of cancer and yeast infection? you would if you visit and our BLOG natural health news.

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