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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crazy Food May Lead to Health Woes

The latest news for all you people that think the supermarket is filled with safe and healthy things to eat, think about this:

Kraft is the parent company for Breyer's ice cream. Breyer's is originally an old Philadelphia company that once made clean ice cream. The Breyer family was in the small circle of friends that I grew up in and my the owners of the icce cream plant where my brother had his first summer job, thanks to my father's phone call.

Now what Kraft has in the works for this food can be considered amazing!

The new 'double-churned' (to make it supposedly taste better to make you think it is healthy and low calorie) will be hiding some facts from the label.

You'll be getting genetically modified (GM) fish protein in your treat and won't know it.

I also wonder why GM fish additives needs to be in ice cream.

Now, what do you think about them apples?

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