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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beta Blocker Risks and Options

A BLOG visitor was seeking information on alternatives to Toprol or Metoprolol. This is a drug usually prescribed for hypertension and/or angina. It has many risks which include angina and cardiac failure, bronchospasm, thyroid toxicity, and possible problems with diabetes and blood sugar balance. Liver disease is a risk as well as use in pregnancy or for young children.

Since each person's health status is unique, and no medication should be discontinued abruptly unless advised by the prescribing physician, no specific herb or supplement is suggested.

Historically Hawthorne berry is the herbalist's choice for hypertension. High quality Vitamin E, Garlic, and Cayenne may be of help. Vitamin C and Magnesium can also be helpful, however, these choices should be made with educated advice based on your specific issues.

Dietary and lifestyle changes are usually needed.

For more information you may wish to purchase 'Blood Pressure Care Naturally' from The Road to Health Series published by Creating Health Institute Press. This book is also available at Hastings.

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Some more info about classes and pharmacotherapy of hypertension and others medical conditions of high blood pressure: - ICD-10 - Hypertension Diseases