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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Careful Chewing Consideration

" You have once again gone on record with well presented and clearly irrefutable evidence of the criminality of feeding Aspartame to the public. You mentioned that Wrigley should be especially ashamed of themselves, because not only do they full well know just what they are doing, but buccally adsorbed Aspartame via their gums has an immensely more toxic effect than Aspartame from any other source, because it is not partially broken down by the digestive tract into several other poisons, nor is it processed by the liver, before going on to the rest of the body and brain. The Wrigley gum chewer is essentially getting straight IV Aspartame through their gums!

Now that you have indicted Wrigley, and they are found clearly guilty, I am hereby now calling for a world wide boycott of all Wrigley products."

In addition remember that gum chewing stimulates digestive enzymes. With no food in your stomach this can lead to digestive dis-order.

Secondly, remember that chewing gum is very hard on the TMJ joint of your jaw.


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