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Monday, August 08, 2011

Public Perceptions

In the late 1960s I had just left the West Coast, Haight-Ashbury, and Morningstar Ranch. I ended up in the Chicago area as we lived near my ex’s mother. At the time I was working for the Chicago Tribune and doing proofreading and editing. In those days there were still linotype operators that made and used lead type to make up the plates that the presses used to print your newspaper. No soy ink then.

I suppose this had some real influence on my so that when I began writing my “Health Matters” column in 1991 it wasn’t too long before a Washington Post owned paper in my area began printing my column.

A few years later several Puget Sound print venues published my column and articles. About mid-way to 2000 The Open Line began publishing my articles, and things have continued to grow from there. Today my organization publishes blogs, web sites, and other publications as well as having our work syndicated in more than  100 different locations around the world.

Along the way people have slammed my work but when the facts emerged my articles were accurate. Even an esteemed Everett are professional journalist wrote a recommendation for me stating clearly that my research top notch and my style was very readable and unique.

The internet certainly changed the way we read news. But sometimes it appears to me that too many have their brains glossed over by the quick & dirty approach that so many rely on and claim as fact.

I recall too that in about 2004 a couple of newbies on the net (I started in 1991) found their ways very often in the stats I reviewed of my sites. In 2005 a pattern began to emerge that these newbies were scouring my work to get their ideas and make a fast play to drown me out. So far they have not been successful in drowning me out in spite of some dirty tricks (so much for ethics in their concept of journalism).

These two sites seem to have the Fox New approach. I guess I’d prefer that those who have become their lemmings did take a little more time to be aware of what is being thrown at them.

The same seems to be true for the author of one excellent health journalism site.

I like him because he does what I try to do for my readers, make them think.

This week he has a great article about this topic. I like it so much I felt it is important to share.

I hope you think about it and share it too.

Science journalist: unrealistic expectations about science matter

from Natural Health News

Natural Health News: Mainstream Health Coverage Unsatisfactory
May 30, 2008
MINNEAPOLIS, May 27 -- Most health coverage in the mainstream media fails to address the costs, harms, and benefits of medical products and procedures, according to the publisher of, a Web site that ...

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