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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kashi, Again

3 May 2012 - Kashi pledges to go non GMO, but only by 2014

Alan Graham has been a longtime friend and colleague, and somewhat of a student of mine.  I'm happy to post his latest article on the risks of cold cereals.
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By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg

Have you seen the new Kashi commercials claiming Kashi cereal has as much protein as an egg? Some of you might already know my feelings with regard to sociopaths who use "half-truths" to sell their product or further their egregious agenda... consequently this latest insult has me pretty much in freakin' lunar trajectory!

If you look at the long list of yummy sounding, "natural" ingredients in Kashi GO LEAN, you might get that old hippy-dippy, "seeds & nuts", lets-hold-hands-and-sing-a-"Kum Ba Yah"... feeling.

This is, mind you, only if you don't know or understand that once you "Process" all this crap into a "cereal" you have just another high glycemic, hi-gluten, hi-carb, insulin-spiking, sugary abomination that tastes great, you know, so people feel really good about buying into the lie that this is actually a health food.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

No folks, Kashi is just more over-processed refined carbs masquerading as a real-meal. If you're in a "21st Century" hurry and double down feeding it to your small children, you might be able to induce Type-2 Adult-onset Diabetes before they are actually adults! That's right; trust me, it happens all the time-when 50 years ago it was unheard of!

It remains... the thing I really want to take issue with is the ridiculous assertion that-gram for gram-highly denatured Soy Protein Concentrate is somehow just as nutritious as Egg protein! Stuff and nonsense! Apart from being wrong on so many levels it buggers imagination, this dietary mendaciousness is so silly and misleading that I am sputtering... compelled, even, to launch into dropped F-bombs and one well provoked name-calling tirade!

OK-deep breath-I'm alright. If I start swearing the bad guys win... so lets look at just a few of Soy Protein's many shortfalls:

1) Phytates & Oxalates - These bind to minerals like Calcium & especially Zinc. Many veggies & grains contain varying degrees of P&O, but Soy is likely the highest... followed closely by grains. And yes, even spinach... Sorry Popeye, but 95% of the Calcium in spinach is bound to Oxalates, thus unusable. Where spinach is at 95%, Soy has the dubious distinction of binding with 100% of its Calcium, and then going out looking for more!

2) Trypsin inhibitors ­ These block the absorption of protein by inhibiting the enzyme Trypsin. These inhibitors are very high in raw Soy so this is why virtually all these soy products are highly cooked & denatured, and why Soy Oil must be refined. Unfortunately cooking doesn't destroy all the Inhibitor, which can lead-supposedly-to an enlarged pancreas and cancer!

3) Phytoestrogen - Folks, 90% (that's a guess) of the population doesn't need more estrogen, estrogen-mimics, or Xeno-Estrogens that already clutter their lives. This is, of course, unless you like Eric Cartman man-boobs (moobs) on your big-boned, "Hey... not fat," male off-spring... then double down on the stuff, eh?

4) Amino-Acid Profile - Soy is a "Complete" protein with all 11 essential amino-acids but like many veggie proteins it is weak due to low methionine.

Actually, we could continue this list but hey... why pile on? Face it... Soy protein is unadulterated garbage! Now let's look at the Egg.

The Egg is likely Mother-Nature's most extraordinarily perfect food, which kinda figures, eh? Life would likely begin in a packet of perfect food...

1) It is the "Gold-Standard" for highly digestible complete proteins with very, very high levels of all 11 essential amino-acids. Egg protein is even superior and more highly digestible than fish protein.

2) If you can refrain from cooking the egg-yolk to death it contains the 2 very powerful Omega-3's (EPA &DHA), like that which is found in cold-water fish. The 2 best ways to avoid destroying the delicate Omega fats is to soft poach the eggs or even better is to separate the white & yolk...soft scramble the whites in butter or olive oil to destroy the nasty glycoprotein that binds to the B vitamin, Biotin - then mix the raw yolk back into the cooked whites after they cool down some (again, so as not to hurt the Omega-3's).

3) Cholesterol - I swear, if you try to tell me undamaged cholesterol in FRESH egg yolks is bad for you, I'm afraid I will have to scream. Anyway, undamaged cholesterol is one of the most healthful, multifaceted, necessary nutrients that we consume.

Contrarily, on the other hand, if you consume lots of arterial inflammation causing sugar & refined carbs (like Kashi by the way) and lots of highly processed, DAMAGED, OXIDIZED cholesterol like that found in bacon or hundreds of other processed foods secretly containing highly oxidized powdered milk & powdered eggs... then have a "Happy Heart Attack," eh?

Many MD's, like NPR's hugely uninformed Dr. Zorba Pasture, continue to rail against Saturated Fat & Cholesterol when all the latest creditable research shows that decades of this crazy "Low-Fat, No-Fat" crap has resulted in old folks suffering the unintended consequences of MORE heart disease from TransFat in margarine and over-amped insulin from Hi-carb cereals, instead of the butter and eggs our Grandparents ate. Also effecting mostly the elderly: not enough good fats, the dearth of which causes cataracts and eye disease while contributing to joint problems, dementia, and thyroid disease!

Years ago when I was a self taught "Grand-Master" of cooking with Soy & Tofu, my cholesterol was 260 (which may or may not be considered high) & my "good" cholesterol (HDL) was a sickly 30.

After I saw the light and stopped eating Soy & refined carbs and started eating 4 to 6 poached eggs every day, my cholesterol dropped to 190 & my HDL climbed to 50! Undamaged dietary cholesterol has almost no effect on your total serum cholesterol but refined hi-carb foods have a tremendous negative effect on your cholesterol. If you try to convince MD's of this, it will cause their Tweety-bird heads to implode. Recall that, Eskimos eating high satfat & cholesterol diets have the lowest percentage of heart disease on the planet, but a thin Marathon runner who eats textured Soy burgers, Soy Vegetable Oil, Sugar & refined carbs (even with normal cholesterol) can easily die of a blocked artery. How's that for a little of the old irony?

Of course 75% of the stuff clogging his artery is Oxidized Polyunsat Omega-6, Linoleic Acid (LA) from the Soy Vegetable Oil... NOT from Cholesterol. See how that works?

Anyway Folks, even after reading this some of you will continue to give this crap to your kids while trying to convince yourself it's a health food just because cereal is convenient... yeah, throwing some crappy cereal on the table is certainly easier than poaching eggs.

For Vegetarians who don't eat eggs, instead of an insulin causing, hi-carb cereal can I recommend a powdered Hemp &/or Pea Protein Smoothie with banana &/or small dark berries. Write me for the recipe. Also, crazy as this sounds, blend one of Mother-Natures most perfect foods into your Smoothie...a ripe Avocado. Bananas & berries blended with Avocado create real synergy.

FYI - Hemp & Pea Protein are very digestible & have NONE of the negative characteristics associated with Soy protein.

Closing, if you insist on eating cereal, at least get one that is Gluten-Free, TransFat-Free & Sugar-Free; however, if you let your kids eat "Fruit Loops" & "Frosted Mini Wheats"-Cartman's "Snacky Cakes and Cheesy Poofs"-then you run the risk of creating an Insulin-Resistant, fat, and slow-witted little monster who will live in your basement forever in front of a video game and never kiss a girl.

Really, good luck with that!


Alan Graham
That's enough, well be.

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Unknown said...

Kashi is now owned by Kellogg and only 4 of 24 cereal products are certified organic. This means that most contain GMO ingredients. See the Cereal Scorecard