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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Antidepressants, Plainly Depressing

Since I started once again on the fluoride issue here is a first follow up - there are a few more coming your way.

"The Depressing News About Antidepressants" is a topic frequently discussed on Natural Health News, and the title of  a recent Newsweek article.

Perusing NHN you'll find about 30+ articles focusing on depression and antidepressant drugs.  Most of the newer ones are the fluoride based SSRIs which had created a world of problems all their own.

If you travel back in time about two years ago you'll find this discussion

I guess I wonder why nothing has come about to address the serious issues with these drugs, especially in light of the latest re-coverage of fish oil, other vitamins, and nutrition for mental health care.  Perhaps if we drop the drugs we can eliminate high school shootings in the future and better mental health care.

Here's one champion of natural psychiatry, with no offense to my long-ago friend Bill Greenberg MD at Beth Israel/Harvard.

You might be pleased to know that Dr Bloem just prevailed against the MD medical board who attempted to punish her for using other than the standard SSRI and similar mainstream status quo therapy.

The Safe Harbor Project has too been a long time advocate for natural mental health.

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