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Sunday, September 14, 2008

IGEF-expert won case against mobile communications company

Health issues are in fact mounting because of the ever increasing exposure to EMF worldwide.

In the US, as of February 2009 mandated digital TV will be adding more exposure, including increased danger to human health, more injury to climate, animals, bees, and the flight paths of songbirds.

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IGEF-expert won case against mobile communications company as per verdict of the High Court of Justice (Federal Court) of Austria.

Radiofrequency, Wireless, Cell Phone and EMF Risks
Source: IGEF Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung (International company for electrosmog-research), by way of the EMF Guru.

Mr. Wulf Dietrich Rose, expert in mobile communications, of Kitzbühel, Austria, internationally known for his research works in this field, won his court case for the third time against Max Mobil as per the verdict of the High Austrian Court of Justice (Federal Court) (Az 6 Ob 69/01t; verdict of 26 April 2001).

He proved through his studies and researches that mobile radiation represents serious health risks to the nearby living population like cancer, brain tumours, genetic problems, and disformity of newly borns.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Mr. Rose, IGEF has affected several measurements and specific radiation studies and due to his expertise obtained that already constructed mobile stations in residential areas were dismantled or constructions were simply postponed. Example: Max Mobil (a daughter company of German Telekom) could not increase the construction program of their intended network system.

The Austrian company Max Mobil filed a demand to the court requesting that Mr. Rose is not only charged to pay an indemnity fine for injurious malpractice but also prohibits him to publish his critical allegations in connection with the harmful dammages on health provoked by mobile radiation emissions. The Court of Second Instance came already to the conclusion that Max Mobile failed to contradict the allegations made by Mr. Rose that the radiations of mobile antennas are dangerous and noxious to the population.

This positive verdict by the High Court of Austria plus the repeated successes of cases looked after by Mr. Rose, proved that his researches and studies offer a solid legal base to request the transfer of already constructed mobile emission stations, or the postponement of same, out of residential areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other country, even if the indicated norms and guidelines are rigorously respected by the mobile communication companies.

Numerous studies prove that the electromagnetic fields of mobile communications, reduces the activity of the brain (including EEG), disrupts the sleep, changes the time of reaction, increases the possibility of brain haemorrhage, provokes lack of concentration , headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of memory, reduction of sperm and melatonin, change of DNA, increases blood pressure, cellular perforation, risks of cancer, mainly brain tumour, and influences the good functioning of pace-makers.

To continue installing this technology, which is already well known for its health risks, and against the resistance of already ill people, is not only criminal but a real "mafia mentality", comments Mr. Rose.

Electronic smog 'is disrupting nature on a massive scale' New study blames mobile phone masts and power lines for collapse of bee colonies and decline in sparrows
By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor, The Independent
Sunday, 7 September 2008

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, electric power lines and similar sources of "electrosmog" are disrupting nature on a massive scale, causing birds and bees to lose their bearings, fail to reproduce and die, a conference will be told this week.

Dr Ulrich Warnke – who has been researching the effects of man-made electrical fields on wildlife for more than 30 years – will tell the conference, organised by the Radiation Research Trust at the Royal Society in London, that "an unprecedented dense mesh of artificial magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fields" has been generated, overwhelming the "natural system of information" on which the species rely.

He believes this could be responsible for the disappearance of bees in Europe and the US in what is known as colony collapse disorder, for the decline of the house sparrow, whose numbers have fallen by half in Britain over the past 30 years, and that it could also interfere with bird migration.

Dr Warnke, a lecturer at the University of Saarland, in Germany, adds that the world's natural electrical and magnetic fields have had a "decisive hand in the evolution of species". Over millions of years they learned to use them to work out where they were, the time of day, and the approach of bad weather.

Now, he says, "man-made technology has created transmitters which have fundamentally changed the natural electromagnetic energies and forces on the earth's surface. Animals that depend on natural electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields for their orientation and navigation are confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields."

His research has shown that bees exposed to the kinds of electrical fields generated by power lines killed each other and their young, while ones exposed to signals in the same range as mobile phones lost much of their homing ability. Studies at the University of Koblenz-Landau, reported in The Independent on Sunday last year, have found bees failed to return to their hives when digital cordless phones were placed in them, while an Austrian survey noted that two-thirds of beekeepers with mobile phone masts within 300 metres had suffered unexplained colony collapse.

Dr Warnke also cites Spanish and Belgian studies showing that the number of sparrows near mobile phone masts fell as radiation increased. And he says that migrating birds, flying in formation, had been seen to split up when approaching the masts.

But the Mobile Operators Association, representing the UK's five mobile phone companies, says a US research group has found collapsing bee colonies in areas with no mobile phone service, and Denis Summers-Smith, a leading expert on sparrows, has described the link as "nonsense".

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