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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dr. Zorba is out to lunch

Well don't I wish!

Probably not a week goes by that I don't come across some really bad - and WRONG - information given out by this radio doctor aired on your local public radio station.

Calling my station recently about one of the pieces of 'wrong information' doled out by Paster, the program director brusquely pushed me off to his program.

I explained that I had contacted the program a number of times about the pablum dosed out by Zorba, with not even the courtesy of a reply. KPBX couldn't care less.

Well just the other day Zorba disrupted my air ways because I forgot to switch stations as I was in the middle of a project. Here he was telling a mother who had called in about her daughter, herself and allergy remedies.

This mother had chosen a good remedy, Nettle. Nettle is one of the best herbs for allergy in the pollen propulsion season of each year.

Zorba scoffed! and this is certainly demeaning to the caller, in my mind.

Maybe this was the result of his medical training, you know that system that puts women well below men.

So the next time you need to know about natural remedies, contact us. If it's nettle you need to know about - about the best herbal anti-histamine (along with antronex and vitamin c)you can use - go to our webpage.

And our PODCASTS will be returning to the internet shortly, so you'll have more than one venue to get good information and facts.

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