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Monday, March 26, 2007

Dear Mrs. Edwards...

This is an open letter to Senator John and Mrs. Edwards -

Elizabeth, I am thinking about you and your family today. This is just as I do every day when I think of those with cancer whom I serve as a health advisor.

I am a medically trained health professional with over thirty years of experience. I have seen many people die of cancer and know that often this does not have to be the accepted end.

I am also an expert in natural health care, studying and using it for 50 years.

Right now I work with someone who has 'leukemia', most likely the result of the extreme benzene exposure he had while making the tires our cars and trucks ride on every day.

The other is the mother-in-law of a dear freind who recently was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She has been taking the 'purple' pill on her doctor's order for well over a year because of indigestion. Now she has stomach cancer and is told she has but a few months to live. The 'purple pill' is known to interfere with the P450 cytochrome pathway, a detoxification pathway that helps you retain your health.

Mrs. Edwards, I highly respect your decision to "live with cancer" and to work with your chosen route of treatment and your doctors prescribed treatment.

I am sad because it seems you drink diet soda frequently when it is well established scientifically that aspartame causes cancer (known to the FDA as well).

You may even eat 'yoplait', a toxic mixture of unhealthy ingredients passed off as yogurt. As some one said to me at a talk I gave recently to a breast cancer survivor's group, "they support breast cancer researh". They may to some, but our health education-public health-non-profit organization does not get a penney from General Mills. We at CHI really need support because the demand we get from people for help (especially those with low income) is much greater than out finances can support. Perhaps this is because I learned that cancer would be cured by 1972 and am wondering what happened and why the incidence keeps climbing.

I am sad because I know the science behind the increase rate of breast cancer from mammography and the added cumulative damage from radiation treatment.

I am sad because I know the damage of chemotherapy drugs and that manistream medicine does not allow any adjunct treatment to detoxify the body from the 'die-off' of caner cells in this treatment, unlike natural care.

I am sad because Senator Kennedy's son had some natural treatment for his bone cancer and you may not know of it.

I am sad too because you do not consider proven intravenous vitamin C therapy that has cured cancer (see this same blog for more information), or the Kelley method that some of my clients choose - and that FDA studies show has an 83% cure rate, or the Burzynsky treatment that is effective also. This is in addition to other natural methods that have been used in conjunction with chemotherapy by enlightened medical doctors such as Laetrile, Hoxsey or Essiac herbal extracts.

Even the much maligned 'zapper' is proven at the University of WA to kill cancer cells.

There is so much more you can really do.

I wish that my thoughts reach you in some way, should the universe and it's Creator deem.

Sending you love, light and healing,
Dr. Gayle

and today (27 March) this same message goes to Tony Snow and all of the people everywhere 'living with cancer' and searching for options.

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Lucy Stern said...

I was think about you when I heard about Elizabeth Edwards and Tony
Snow.....Hopefully they will give it a try.