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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Deaths lead to end of drug trial

Just another reminder that there is NO REAL NEED for cholesterol lowering drugs.

There are just too many proven natural and effective treatments for you if you believe the cholesterol hype.

Start first with detoxification. Then there is niacin. There are herbs like dandelion or milk thistle, or some of my favorite Ayurvedic herbs. A few dietary changes help.

Think about it, it might mean your life.

Pfizer stops clinical trials of cholestorol-controlling Torcetrapib Sun Dec 3, 9:28 AM ET

Citing the "interests of patient safety," US drug manufacturer Pfizer said it was stopping all clinical trials of the cholesterol-controlling drug Torcetrapib.

In a statement released Saturday, the company said it was in the process of notifying all clinical investigators and regulatory authorities, including the Food and Drug Administration.

The decision came after Pfizer officials were informed that the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) reviewing a morbidity and mortality study for Torcetrapib recommended terminating the trial "because of an imbalance of mortality and cardiovascular events."

The company is in the process of asking all clinical investigators involved in the program to inform patient participants to stop taking the medication immediately.

"While the DSMB information we received today was both surprising and disappointing, our focus is on the best interests of patients and making sure all this information is communicated to appropriate medical and regulatory authorities as quickly as possible," said Pfizer chief executive officer Jeffrey Kindler.

He added the drug maker understood "the challenge that this represents and we will respond quickly and aggressively to it."

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