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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vegan Diet Cures Everything, or so they say...

Well, yes this has just got to be the latest re-run of the vegan magic bullet theory.
It's not that I am against veganism, or vegetarianism for that matter; it's just that I am for health.
So if I am for health then I bet you are asking why I am not for veganism or vegetarianism.
Well I am and I am not.
And there is the theory behind my thinking, and hopefully what will your effort to think this through.
The regular Western diet is a fraud and generally damaging to health. The same can be said for the plethora of 'diets to cure disease', such as the Hallalujah Acres Diet, PRISM Diet, VEGAN or VEGETARIAN Diets and others.
The truth is that there is no perfect diet for everyone, and the old and new food pyramid scams of the USDA are also included in food fraud, along with the dangerous artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, food additives and preservatives, ad infinitum. Or maybe I should say 'ad nauseum'!
I was a good vegetarian for many years until I learned that it had compromised my health to some extent, even with all the supplements I took over the years.
I do not wear glasses in my sixth decade while others in my family do. I still have low blood pressure and pass for a lot younger than I really am.
Be that as it is, I do know, since I have been around for a while, that the US Veteran's Administration proved that diabetes was reversible and preventable about 40 years ago with a high fiber and whole foods diets, with variety.
Part of the problem is that you can't get a lot of whole food these days and even the organic market is being slaughtered with allowable additives and canola oil. Most people never read food labels either, nor do they really understand the importance of sound nutrition.
For instance, did you know that there was very little arteriosclerosis back before they started to homogenize milk? Homogenization makes the fat so small that it passes the digestive phase, unlike real milk without homgenization.
Did you ever stop and think that all the low-fat and non-fat diet data since the 80s might have led us all to the rising problems of mood and behavioral problems.
Oh my goodness, fat in the diet.
Maybe fat might be good for the brain, cell wall membranes, making hormones and keeping nerve coatings in tact, or keeping your thinking active and your mood balanced.

Hm, might there be something to this thought?

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Vegan diet is good as a cleansing diet to help reduce some health risks. I do not think it is healthy in the long term, except in cultures where vegetarianism has been acculturated over centuries, such as with the Hindu people.
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I think it is germaine to mention that thyroid difficulties are rampant in this country and it is from a myriad of variables, one being lack of healthy fat in the diet. There is a specific correlation between thyroid health and Diabetes.

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