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Saturday, June 10, 2006

One More Time, with feeling

As they see it, at the CDC, about 500 people each year die in the US from flesh-eating bacteria. This comes as a comment following the death of a young University of Tulsa football player. To me, it seems as if they think this is par for the course. Since these 'experts' tell us that antibiotics no longer are effective, are they throwing their hands in the air, with hopelessness?

I suppose this hopelessness is that no one yet has figured out that there just might be some effective treatment if they by-passed the money-engine that otherwise refer to as a pharmaceutical company.

As an idealist, with a clear understanding that money, drugs and insurance drive the health care industry today, I still hold out hope for something better.

To borrow from one of my favorite book titles, "small is beautiful: 'medicine', as if people mattered".

Well, serendipity crossed my computer a few weeks ago when I received an abstract about a real medical doctor at Georgetown that had done some research involving the use of essential oils and their antibiotic effect.

I started out on this quest about 1996 when difficult bacterial infections like E.coli and flesh-eating bacteria first hit the print pages.

The way I looked at this, people were suffering and dying when they did not have to.

I started writing letters, hoping for a reply with a show of some interest (silly me). The first was to the Washington state health department director, who never answered my letter.

I continued to monitor the cases reported in the news, growing world-wide as time passed. I would write the doctors named in articles, reporters writing articles; about any one I thought might take interest in saving life.

About two years ago I finally issued my 'Challenge to Mainstream Medicine to Think Outside the Box". This was posted in an international publication on the web, and of course I was hoping for replies. I issued it again in 2005 and 2006, yet only one health professional, a dentist from New Zealand, cared to reply.

Dr. James Howenstine ran an article or two. He was very gracious in his reply, yet underscored that the money issue was the obstacle.

Then, low and behold, the oregano oil research article from dear Dr. Harry Preuss at Georgetown ended up in my e-mail.

This was just after I responded with an essential oil and herbal remedy for someone in Canada who was suffering with amoebic dysentery and a nasty little bug called Blastocystis.

I contacted Dr. Preuss and shared my thoughts with him. He welcomed my contact and kindly sent me copies of his research.

While he continues to search for funding to do more research, he correctly advises me that traditional medicine is "just not ready for this.

Yes, we can just put more millions into 'research' for some new patented anti-biotic that might end up killing people or causing diabetes, even though approved by the FDA.

We can do this, or we can start to care about people's lives and first do not harm.

Like a grateful person told me about one of my essential oil treatments - see comments

Medical students in France receive education in the use of botanical medicine and essential oils.

If they can do it in France, with more effective health care than the states, they can - and should - do it here.

Or if interested, they can sign up for my course, or inquire about my protocols.


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