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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Too much news to comment, but this one is urgent

Breast Cancer and EMFs

For many years I have been educating about the risks of EMF/ELF. In the general realm of this industry, few, if any, customers realize the health risks, even while the evidence in solid research is mounting rapidly. It is not just thermal damaage one has to worry about.

Now, should you take the time to read the linked article you'll see that that cell phone you think is so conveninet is now linked to interfereing with taxol treatment.

Of course, should you be a regular visitor to and read the women's health, electro-smog or x-rays and health sections you'd be ahead of the curve.

I just love the 10 year old fact I learned recently from UK patent applications from the top 3 cell phone compnaies: YES, they know that these little gadgets emit radiation, and the radiation is indeed harmful. Dr. Neil Cherry told us this, as have many other qualified reseachers and scientists.

If you like to reduce your exposure, just do a little reading, then proceed to help CHI and this blog to keep on educating.

As usual, more to come!