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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Skin Cream Alert

From Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia we received a report on the consequences of using Aldera cream for skin cancers, warts and genital warts, molluscum, actinic keratosis and related issues.

Aldera Side effects -

We believe it is important to inform readers about the concerns with this product.

3M Pharmaceuticals are flogging ALDARA, a "cure" for skin cancer and genital warts, that can have cataclysmic side effects -- anaphylactic shock, irreversible autoimmune disease and even death.

The medical establishment and the media won't help -- Big Pharma are too rich and powerful. Only people power can stop 3M and the other multinationals in their greedy quest to dominate our fragile planet. Please help us spread the word. Click here for the truth about Aldara and send to everyone you know.

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